It's the people that make a company great.  We may be a little biased, but we think we have the best people.  Below are some of our people.  We may not be the best looking bunch, but we'll try to make up for it in our work. 

Joe Barnett.

owner, designer, artist

Joe is a landscaper and artist from Little Rock, AR.  He and his wife Jennifer have 6 children.  Joseph, Nathan, Tim, Josh, and the two adopted girls Mia and Naomi.  Joe has a degree in visual arts which gives him a unique creative eye in designing landscapes.  In his spare time, Joe enjoys working out, creating sculptures, and working with the youth at St. Andrew's Church. 

Mike Cavallo.

head of operations

​Mike is the newest member of the Little Rock Land Design team.  He and his wife Emily just had their first child, Caleb in December of 2011.  Mike graduated Ouachita Baptist University where he studied Theology and Business Administration.  Before coming to work with his friend Joe, Mike worked as a youth minister at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church and St. Andrew's Church in Little Rock.​


Jennifer Barnett.

head of accounting


​Jennifer is the secret to the success of Little Rock Land Design.  She is not only a full time mother to 6 children, but she also keeps the whole business running.  ​On top of all of this, Jennifer also volunteers with the youth at St. Andrew's and mentors the numerous children that come in and out of her house on a daily basis.


Michael Ackley.

head of installation

​Michael has worked with Little Rock Land Design for almost a decade.  His experience, expertise, and attention to detail are major contributions to every yard he works on.  In his spare time, Michael likes mountain climbing, caring for his 4 dogs, and making his Jeep the coolest vehicle in America.. 


Stephen Christensen.

head of maintenance

Stephen has been on our team for over seven years and he's now the head of our maintenance department.  Stephen and his wife Caitlin recently got married which makes him the newly wed on the team.  So if you see him, make sure to get him a wedding gift...  or just a simple "Congratulations!" would work. 


Joey Higgens.

head of ponds

Joey has been with Little Rock Land Design so long that we lost count.  When it comes to pond and water feature maintenance, there is nobody better.  Whether you need a spring cleaning, a pump replaced, or a fish transplanted, Joey is your guy. 


Blake Johnston. 

head of art factory, maintenance crew

​With six years of experience working with Little Rock Land Design, Blake can do it all.  But, he is exceptionally talented in the art studio.  Whether he's making molds, staining sculptures, or pruning trees, Blake is a valuable asset to our team.


The Boys.

the name we give the many high school and college students that help out throughout the year. 

They like to call themselves young men, but Joe calls himself a young man too, so comparatively speaking, they are boys.