Whether you want a water feature, fire feature, rock wall, patio, flower bed, or just better grass, we can help.  We would love the opportunity to dream with you about what your outdoor space could be and then make your dream a reality.  We pride ourselves in our creativity, our customer service, and our staff.  There are few designers more creative than Joe Barnett when it comes to design.  Our customer service comes down to one word...  "listen."  We want to hear your story.  We want to hear your desires.  We want to hear your dreams.  We want to listen.  Lastly, our staff is the best in Little Rock.  We only hire people we would trust with our homes and our families.  If you have a need for landscaping in your home or business, we would count it an honor to meet with you. 

Sacred Spaces

The Celts called them "thin spaces".  Places where the natural world is seperated from the supernatural world by a thin veil.  Think about the times you found God in nature - The vastness of the ocean, the overlook on the mountain, the hidden waterfall.  Imagine a thin space at your home.  A waterfall, surrounded with living, growing plants, solid rocks, and sculpture ever keeping your mind and your eye on an image of God.  Imagine water gushing from the rock Moses struck in the Desert.  Imagine living water coming from the hands and feet of Jesus.  Imagine it in your yard or at your church.  What if the sounds of worship or scripture played in the background?  What if it were just outside your window so you could experience it all year round?

We create prayer gardens for individuals or churches interested in creating sacred spaces set apart for the purpose of experiencing God.  Whether its a small corner in your home or yard, or a long trail through  acres of wooded land, we want to help design and create a space where you can experience God using sight, sound, and touch.  Click here to check out our Sacred Spaces website.​


What makes us different from all the other landscape companies in the phone book?  Art.  Joe Barnett is a gifted, educated, and experienced artist who incorporates his skills in the visual arts into designing landscapes.  Color, shape, tone, balance, texture, value, lighting, and perspective are all techniques that Joe uses as he designs a landscape. 

Interested in incorporating art into your landscape?  We have dozens of original bronze and concrete sculptures made to be placed in water features that will withstand the elements for hundreds of years.  Click here to go to the Joe Barnett Creations website.  Joe would also love the opportunity to create a sculpture just for you.  Whether its a symbol of something meaningful to you, or a sculpture of a pet or loved one, we would love to create something unique for your space. 


When we create a space, we put our time, sweat, talents and passions into its creation.  The last thing we would want to do is leave, and let it all go to waste.  So we created a maintenance crew that specializes in caring for all aspects of a landscape.  It's more than just mowing and blowing.  It's pruning the trees and shrubs.  It's killing weeds and making sure all the plants are being watered.  It's taking care of the ecosystem of a koi pond and cleaning out debris from your water feature when leaves and sticks fall in it.  We not only want to create your space, we want to ensure its properly taken care of.  Ask us about our yard and pond maintenance.