Little Rock Land Design was founded almost 30 years ago by Joe Barnett, a trained artist.  Joe's devotion to people and art fuel his passion for creating unique outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.  ​Little Rock Land Design is a full service landscape company that can create, design, install, and maintain every aspect of your space.  We specialize in water features, rock work, flower beds, and have recently started incorporating fire features into our designs.  But what makes us unique is incorporating original sculptures into your design.  Check out our art page on this site to learn more about combing art and nature.



There's something about water that is beautiful, powerful, and peaceful.  We specialize in water features.  Whether its a small bowl, a flowing waterfall, a bubbling brook, or a peaceful koi pond, create a stunning water feature in your space.  All of our water features recycle the water so you don't have to worry about high water bills.  Concerned about the safety of your kids or pets?  Ask us about our pondless water features.  Don't want to worry about cleaning leaves or messing with chemicals?  We have low maintenance designs that keep the water clean and the pump free of debris.  Want to add a waterfall to your existing pool or hot tub?  Have an artist and landscape specialist design it, instead of a pool guy.  Tired of bringing out those Tiki torches at every party? Let us set up a fire feature in or around the water for a beautiful and unique way to bring light to your space.  We would love the opportunity to dream with you about adding water to your landscape.


Whether you would like a patio, retaining wall, stepping stones, boulders, or edging around the flower beds, there is nothing that compares to real, natural rock.  We can provide rocks in all shapes, sizes and colors and our team is skilled and experienced in installing real rock creations. 



Color.  Vibrant color will spice up any landscape.  Who better to lay out your favorite colors then an artist.  Choose your favorite colors and flowers or let our professionals do it for you.  Let our experts decide how much sun or shade you have and which flowers will work in your beds.  We even have maintenance teams that specialize in keeping your shrubs trimmed and beds free of weeds.  Click here to learn more about maintenance.